Economic Profile

Dubbo is geographically located in the heart of New South Wales. Dubbo (map) services a region of 120,000 people, a third of the geographic area of New South Wales. The City is a growing regional centre, with a population of over 40,000 people. Dubbo is ideally located at the intersection of major routes for road, rail and air transport, and its economic strength lies heavily in the diversity of industries that reinforce its role as a vibrant regional service centre supported by a thriving retail sector and over 3700 registered businesses. The main industries in Dubbo are: health, retail, manufacturing, transport, tourism, education, construction, business services, agriculture and government services. The City is also well positioned as a growing mining services centre with mining and exploration projects, both established and emerging, flourishing across the surrounding region.

Dubbo City Council continues to invest heavily in its attractive lifestyle, with all the services of the big cities, without the price tag or traffic. Dubbo’s quality of life continues to attract new residents and visitors alike with its cultural diversity, welcome vibrant communities, bountiful native flora and fauna and low-stress environment. Dubbo’s housing affordability and general ‘liveability’ is also a competitive advantage for attracting both families and businesses. Dubbo is not only well connected by traditional road rail and air transport, with regular flights from the Dubbo City Regional Airport getting you into Sydney in less than an hour, a major passenger rail system and a private rail intermodal, all situated on the cross roads of three major highways, Dubbo City is also a well-established member of the global village. The City is situated on the path of three major fibre-optic cables, thereby assisting both businesses and residents to take advantage of the speed and variety of today’s latest information technologies, including wireless broadband. The City’s informal ethos is one of progress, diversity and opportunity, and combines the attributes of a large population centre with the familiarity and generosity of spirit typical of communities in western NSW.

This website contains economic and demographic information for the Dubbo region. For more information, please contact the Dubbo City Council.